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It allocates tens of millions of dollars in funding from Tsunami relief to the Japan government funded whale hunting program in Antarctica. The whale hunting program is currently in excess of $100 million dollars in debt for its second year, still has almost a million pounds of unsold whale meat from the last hunt, and overall a deficit program requiring tens to hundreds of millions of dollars to continue while hundreds of thousands of people are still homeless from the Tsunami. Regardless of the issue of whale hunting, this is a poor allocation of funding and abuses the generosity of millions of dollars donated to the relief of Tsunami victims. Please print and sign this letter, then send it to the agency or company you donated Tsunami relief funds to and send it to the Japan Fisheries link here...

Letter to
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Japanese Government Whale Research Program
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
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President of the United States
In March 2011, Japan suffered a major tsunami. It devastated whole communities, killed tens of thousands, caused a nuclear disaster, and left hundreds of thousands homeless. Japan’s government reached out to the world to help its people. I responded. I sent you a donation specifically to respond to Japan's request to help its people. I realize that not all of each dollar goes directly to relief and there are other administrative costs that must also be covered with my donation, but I sent my money with the idea that it would go primarily towards re-building, repairing, and directly helping the victims. Recently, Japan’s Cabinet has requested a further $29 million dollars in taxes to continue help with tsunami relief.

Today I learned that Japan has allocated more than $50 million dollars to their government run whale research program to return to Antarctica to hunt whales. Their whale research program is going on multiple years of deficit and currently over $100 million dollars in debt while they still have a surplus of whale meat that has gone unsold.

Regardless of the issue of whaling, this is a blatant abuse of government spending which clearly abuses my generosity.

I request you inform Japan's government of their abuse of donor generosity. Furthermore, I am requesting you return my donation to me as it is clearly not going towards the intent of the donation. If you are unable to do so, please remove me from your future list of donors.


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