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Mike Tyson was convicted of rape in 1992 and spent three years in prison. His victim was 18 years old. He lured her to his hotel room and raped her. Mike Tyson is also a known wife beater and a misogynist who once said he enjoys hurting women when he makes love to them and he claims the best punch he ever threw was the one that sent his ex-wife bouncing off the apartment walls.

As a show, SVU stands up for and gives a voice to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. They are supported by a variety of organisations who give it their all to stop these things from happening. They attempt to educate and erase prejudice and open people's eyes about the heinous nature of these crimes. 

Mike Tyson has no business on a show like SVU. A rapist should not be given a platform in any way and the voice of those disagree with this decision should be heard instead. SVU is acting in an insensitiveirrepressible manner and have undermined the impact this decision has on the lives of their vIewers. The decision to hire Tyson has caused great distress amongst many of us but all SVU tells us to do ibacks back and what. I thought the victims' voices should be heard, not silenced?!

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Law & Order: SVU Whoever it may concern
Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist, known misogynist and wife beater who has publicly spoken out about enjoying hurting women. He also assaulted a police officer and went to jail for this. This man, regardless of how old his conviction is or how sober he has become, has no business being on a show that deals with subjects like sexual assault, domestic violence and rape.

The choice to hire this man is a slap in the face of every rape victim and survivor out there. Many viewers are outraged and saddened by this choice. The comments left behind by some of the people signing this petition clearly show exactly how much this means to the viewers.

SVU is a show that speaks out for victims, fights in their name and gives them a voice. By hiring a convicted rapist they are undermining those victims in one of the worst kind of ways. If there was a shred of integrity somewhere, a different actor would have been hired to star on this show. There is no place for a rapist on this show and there is no place for a rapist on the screens of the millions of rape victims who watch this show every week. Ironically this episode is scheduled to air the day before the One Billion Rising on 2/14.

I ask you to reconsider this choice, for the sake of the survivors who feel like SVU no longer speaks for them.

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