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Stop Mary from stealing artwork

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Dear staff of DeviantART
As an artist, it's angering to think of how it takes programs like photoshop to completely rip off hours of hard work.
Many people have put their heart and souls into making their furrysonas, and Mary, who used to be known as Angelic-catalyst, has repeating stolen artwork from actual artists.
She was banned once, and it was great that you guys did that, however she has not learned her lesson, and continues to steal artwork, people's characters, and when she gets called out on it, she harasses or bullies them for it.
Many people are tired of her presence on the site, and wish that you guys will make things right by not only banning her new account.
We hope that you will help end this aggravation, by permanently banning her, and the IP addresses, and MAC addresses so that she will not steal from us.

So please ban the ip address of the user who is under the url
and now under the url http://www.gam3girl.deviantart 


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