Petition Closed

The reasons for this petition, protest and demonstration are for none other than these obvious: 

* Fare hikes. 
* Abrupt route cuts. 
* Sudden schedule changes. 

* Demographic Discriminations. 
* Un-necessary over-policing. 
* Murders of our youths by MARTA police and on MARTA turfs.

__Are these reasons enough and are they fair enough on top of the overcharged fares? You be the judge...

So expect us,


STOP MARTA:  Injustices of fare hikes, route & schedule changes, demographic discriminations including reparations to families for the youth murdered victims by Marta police etc...

This petition was delivered to:
  • Atlanta City Council President
    Ceasar Mitchell
  • Atlanta City Council.
  • State Representative
    Mable Thomas
  • State Senator
    John Albers
  • Georgia State House
  • Georgia State Senate
  • Georgia Governor

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