Stop Mars Inc. From Trademark Bullying of Local "Mom-Prenuer"

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Candy maker Mars Inc. is suing a Madison, Wisconsin, "Mom-Prenuer", Syovata Edari over chocolates she makes in her tiny, startup kitchen.  The suit claims that Syovata, who goes by the name "Vata" for us linguistically challenged individuals, is selling under a name that the company says is “confusingly similar” to get this... its cocoa extract HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS.

Yes, you read that right, Mars Inc. is worried that rich, decadent chocolates made in a startup kitchen in Madison, Wisconsin will be confused with its global health supplement marketed under the name CocoaVia.

Not buying it? Neither are we.

That's why together we need to stand up to big corporations trying to squash the entrepreneurial spirit in America's Heartland. Syovata Edari and her wonderful brand CocoVaa are here to stay. Let's all tell Mars to "Go AWAY"

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