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Stop Marathon Oil Gas Gouging in Kentucky!

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We, the residents of Kentucky demand that the price gouging by the Marathon Oil monopoly be stopped immediately!  The consumers have grown weary of being raped with each visit to the gas pump and insist Gov. Steven Beshear step in and put a stop to this insanity.  Prior investigations have accomplished nothing.

Marathon Oil's profits for year 2012 grossed $2,946,000.00 - a 14.7 increase from 2010, yet exhorbitant increasing prices at the gas pumps are infringing on the quality of life to the extent residents must choose between food or fuel, with many choosing to move to adjacent communities with consistently lower gas prices.

Gas in Louisville pumps today is $3.69/gallon, yet in New Jersey where residents do not pump their gas it is $3.29 - Alabama is $2.99!  Surrounding Counties and States are markedly consistently lower.  It is reported that Marathon Oil provides 100% of the supply in Louisville - this is a monopoly and must be changed now.

Wholesale prices in Kentucky have increased following Marathon's acquisition of the Ashland refineries, and retail prices are higher than would be expected in a competitive market.

We have had enough! Stop the gas gouging in Kentucky!

We can and will organize an effective boycott if we do not see a drop in prices - consider the ramifications!

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