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Stop mandatory flu vaccines for health care professionals.

Despite the fact that there has been no flu pandemic in years, the topic of flu vaccines has recently become the center of attention in many healthcare professional’s lives. Within the last few years most hospitals and medical centers have required their employees to get the flu vaccine in order to continue working. This mandate is the result of a Joint Commission requirement in order to receive government reimbursements for care provided.

Many nurses found themselves having to choose between maintaining their financial security or holding on to their personal beliefs and convictions. Some chose to give up their jobs – even some doctors chose to give up their privileges rather than receive the vaccine. Traditionally, no more than 40% of healthcare professionals have chosen to voluntarily receive the flu shot. This requirement forced conflict in many people’s lives.

We in Michigan are fortunate to have legislators willing to help secure our individual right to manage our health care as we choose. Michigan House Bill No.5605 has just been presented in Lansing by State Representative Bob Genetski. The bill will give an employee of a health facility or agency the right to refuse an influenza vaccine as a condition of employment.

Whether you choose to receive the vaccine, or believe you have received benefit as protection from it, is not the issue at this time. The issue is – Do you believe an individual should be forced to have something they do not want injected into their body in order to maintain their jobs?

As you contemplate this issue keep these few things in mind:
- a study has shown that seniors who receive the flu vaccine 5 consecutive years are much more likely to develop early onset Alzheimer's disease!
- the Center for Disease Control statistics show the incidence of miscarriages increased by 700% the year the N1H1 vaccine was administered!
- some states have made it legal for minors to be vaccinated without the knowledge of their parents; not without the permission of, but without the knowledge of their parents!
- most adults received 4-6 immunizations throughout their childhood; children today receive an average of 20!
- there are efforts to make it a requirement off all adults in the near future to be up to date on all adult vaccinations in order to qualify for health insurance of any kind!
- the Center for Disease Control is part of “the immunization agenda” which actively encourages administration of underused vaccines and supports research to develop new vaccines. This initiative promotes vaccination of all adults that meet specific criteria – one of which is simply just being a certain age!
- recently the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) stated they “believe there is insufficient evidence for the federal government to promote mandatory influenza vaccination programs that may result in employment termination”. OSHA supports an option for health care professionals to decline the vaccine for medical, religious, and/or personal philosophical reasons.

Ask yourself – is concern for protecting citizens from a non-existent pandemic really behind these mandates? Or could they maybe be somehow connected to the fact that many of the patents on big money making medications expire this year?

Why aren't we forcing people to lead healthier life styles instead of demanding they have foreign materials injected into their bodies? That would go much farther in controlling the flu and significantly cut down on health costs!

Even if you are happy to get a flu shot every year, please help support HB 5605 to set a precedent that we as individuals have certain unalienable rights – one of which should be the right to protect ourselves from unwanted assaults on our bodies.

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