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The state of Malaysia's stray dogs and cats are at a very crucial stage where they are treated in the worst ways you can imagine by our local councils. They are stabbed, kicked, strangled and then left untreated and unfed for days without water and food. Puppies get eaten by bigger dogs in the pounds when the hunger gets to them. This is not the way to catch unwanted animals.

The only way to a long-term solution is for the government to work together with animal shelters to control the population of strays. We all have only one mission. To make Malaysia a STRAY-FREE country. Would you want to live in a country like that? Please sign and spread the word. Thank You


Letter to
Director General Department of Veterinary Services YBHG Datuk Dr. Abdul Aziz Bin Jamaluddin
Dear Malaysia Government,

Are you aware of how your local councils are controlling the population of strays in Malaysia?

They are BEATTEN, STABBED, KICKED, and STRANGGLED in order to throw them into the trucks. They are literally DRAGGED by their necks to HELL.

Your councils DO NOT CARE about these dogs at all. They are left in the truck for up to 7 days WITHOUT FOOD AND WATER and left to suffer under the scorching sun or pouring rain day in and day out.

Please tell us HOW DO YOU DELIVER A LETHAL INJECTION TO PUT DOWN A DOG FIGHTING FOR ITS LIFE? Would ANYONE just walk to their death without putting up a struggle?

The councils’ barbaric method of decreasing the stray population is NOT WORKING. All they do is KILL and KILL MORE everyday. That goes to show KILLING IS NOT THE ANSWER!

Instead of going on KILLING SPREES everyday, why not work with animal shelters and achieve a positive solution which will not harm the strays? We have the same goal as your councils, that is to make Malaysia stray free.

Gandhi once said that the greatness of nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. What does that say about the councils and their way of handling strays?

Strays are innocent. They want TO LIVE. What have they done to deserve this terrible fate! Please tell your councils to work with us, not against us. KILLING IS NOT A SOLUTION.

Please work with us, we have so many ideas and methods to make Malaysia a stray-free country and without your support, we will not be able to do this. Animals cannot speak for themselves, this is why we need to speak up for them. Show them that love and humanity still exist in this country. Let us all make Malaysia a better place. Thank You

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