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Stop Malaysia's Barbaric method of getting rid of strays

The state of Malaysia's stray dogs and cats are at a very crucial stage where they are treated in the worst ways you can imagine by our local councils. They are stabbed, kicked, strangled and then left untreated and unfed for days without water and food. Puppies get eaten by bigger dogs in the pounds when the hunger gets to them. This is not the way to catch unwanted animals.

The only way to a long-term solution is for the government to work together with animal shelters to control the population of strays. We all have only one mission. To make Malaysia a STRAY-FREE country. Would you want to live in a country like that? Please sign and spread the word. Thank You


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  • Director General Department of Veterinary Services
    YBHG Datuk Dr. Abdul Aziz Bin Jamaluddin

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