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STOP making us ride dorky scooters NOW

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I have been riding motorcycles since I was 3 years old and it has always been a dream of mine to ride on the road. I turn 14 next year but I realized the max cc limit for your learners is 50 and that excludes almost every bike but a scooter. For me that isn't the same.  There are no gears or a foot brake, it's just an automatic and that doesn't give the satisfaction of standard bike, so I am petitioning to have the laws changed to allow all new motorcycle riders a limit of a 125cc bike instead of a 50cc bike. I was looking on the Internet and found that 50cc dirt bikes are meant for 4-6 year olds, so why do 14-16 year olds have to ride them on the roads? The max speed of a new 50cc scooter is around 80 kmh, and the max speed of a 2008 cbr125 is 90 kmh, which is not a big difference in speed especially when the cbr is 75cc's bigger than the scooter, but there is a 9 year difference.          Although most websites say the 2008 cbr125 goes 120 km/h mine and all others I've ever seen only go 90 km/h. Some other 125cc motorcycles go 110 km/h, 120km/h, and even 140 km/h but there are posted speed limits for us all to follow. In conclusion, 125cc motorcycles should be the next maximum for a 14 year old learner to ride unsupervised, instead of the current moped or limited speed motorcycle. 

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