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Willard Romney and Paul Ryan: stop lying to us! Stop lying about Mr. Obama's record! Stop lying about your own! Stop trying to turn this election campaign, the keystone of our whole democratic process, into a meaningless farce, so that with ads purchased with big-donor dollars, you can brainwash the public and take over the government! We don't want your brand of trickle-down, crumbs-off-the-table public policy. We don't agree with your Ayn-Randish social Darwinism that says only the rich are deserving, not the rest of us, because they have proved themselves the fittest. They have not - they have merely proved themselves the greediest and most unscrupulous. And you want them to rule?!? This is not the kind of country we (the vast majority) want!

We want a genuine discussion of the real issues, starting right now. We want an acknowledgment of the true positions of the political parties, not more name-calling and fear-mongering. The misrepresentations and appeals to fear that you have railed against are the key elements of your own campaign! Stop the name-calling! Stop the distortions! Stop the lies!

Return the Republican Party to the principles that once made it great: a commitment to honesty, to common sense, to the preservation of the values of neighborly small towns and hard-working farmers. To a respect for individual effort AND an understanding that it is only by working TOGETHER that a great team wins. Stop turning the GOP into the Greedy Old Poobahs who will say anything, tell any lie, corrupt any decent thing, in order to WIN.

This is a petition to the Republicon candidates for President and Vice-President. But it is more than that. It is a call to action for you, John or Jane Q. Public, to involve yourself in the regular political exercise we call the November Election in order to preserve and protect OUR government for US, the PEOPLE. It is not just Messrs. Romney and Ryan who are the threat. It is every Lying Republicon in Congress, from Representatives like Todd Akin who make it clear how little women's rights matter to their party, to Senators like Mitch McConnell, who said TWO YEARS AGO their #1 priority was - not rescuing the economy - not creating jobs - not helping distressed homeowners or indebted students or wounded veterans - but IN THEIR OWN WORDS: to deny Mr. Obama a 2nd term. Surely we can do better than that!

Sign the petition and circulate it to others, sure. And do more than that - get involved in the campaign. Go to your local campaign office of ANY candidate fighting these Lying Republicons, and volunteer to help. Make phone calls, stuff envelopes, knock on doors, distribute literature. Let's show the Big Money Boys like the Koch Brothers that their billion$ do NOT give them carte blanche to run OUR government for THEIR profit, and put their money in offshore accounts to hide it from taxation - AS MR. ROMNEY HAS DONE FOR YEARS. Sign now, volunteer today! You have nothing to lose but your future....

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