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Stop LoveJihad & Ban terrorist organizations

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To. Hon. Home Minister of India, Shri.Rajnath Singh

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your attention that SDPI, PFI & Jamat-E-Islami are organizations that continue to carryout terrorist activities including abduction, rape, threat and forceful conversion of Hindu men and women in Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and many other part of India with a mission to make India a Jihadi country. Main victims are Hindu girls and women who are lured with promise of love,marriage and indoctrination; these women mostly work away from home or send by parents to distant colleges for studies.

SDPI and PFI are new names of earlier banned Islamic terror organization SIMI, many of its leaders have migrated to the new setup and continue to carryout their terror and Jihad activities with active support of pseudo secular media and political parties in India. Political parties Indian union Muslim League, Congress and CPIM are their active collaborators in Kerala. All these groups are opposed to Hindus and Hindu culture in India. Political parties, Police and media officials are bribed thru money gained from drug and gold smuggling; besides money coming thru Hawala from Gulf countries of Saudi Arabia ,Qatar and Muslim linked NRI organizations or individuals who are eager to fund these activities.Jamat-E-Islami and their offsprings SDPI & PFI were active distributors of Pak printed Rs.500 & 1000 note smuggled to Kerala thru Kochi, Mangalore and Karipur port from Dubai, Nepal, Srilanka and Bangaldesh before Nov'8 2016. They acquired properties, built palaces, colleges, schools,bribed officials, police, customs and pseudo secualr political parties with that fund until note ban of Nov'8 2016.

One such transaction of 150 Crore from Qatar given to the aforesaid organizations is under investigation by NIA at present. As a result and with active support of above mentioned political parties and government in Krerala and Karnataka these groups pursue terrorist activities in the name of ISIS in North Kerala and Karnataka, recruited and send people to Afghanistan and Syria. Death of many Hindu activsit in Karnataka and Kerala is linked to these groups.Hindu and Christian girls were lured and trapped for religious conversion using an organization called Satyasarani in Manjeri and its head Zainaba is the main kingpin of trapping girls of other religion and converting them to send to ISIS activities abroad. Ponnani and Kozhikode Islamic religious centres are used to issue religious conversion certificate and marriage certificate overnight. This is an organized trap against Indians and especially Hindus.

As per census of 2011 Muslim population in Kerala has increased by 11% to 27% since 1956,where as Hindu population has gone down by 11% to 54% from earlier 65%. Young girls and women are lured with purpose of increasing Muslim population in Kerala and also to supply for terrorist activities abroad. Average conversion of 2500 to 3000 young women per year happen in Kerala as per government records.

Sathyasarani ( ) is claiming to be charitable and educational institution;however their activities is to teach Islamic terrorism, abduct Hindu or Chrisian girls, threaten them, brain wash them and force them to join Islam; its like a jail where the affected women cannot contact parents,family or escape until conversion and marriage is over. Those who refuse to convert are raped, photo or video is taken and threatened with dire consequences. All those converted are trapped thru LoveJihad using paid unemployed Muslim Men mostly criminals who create document of marriage certificate for these hapless victims before or after conversion. Akhila Ashokan, Nimisha and Athira cases from Kerala  in Supreme court, Kerala High court and NIA investigation underway can easily prove that there is planned conspiracy behind these conversions, marriage and emigration to abroad for Islamic terrorist training.

Sathyasarani. Markazul Hidhaya PO Karuvambram, Cherani, Manjeri – 676123 Kerala, India Tel: +91 483 2765010 Email: must be therefore closed down for aiding and abetting terrorism in the name of religion. (copy enclosed). This is not charitable or educational activity under the Charitable Trust act of India (Indian Trust Act 1882 & amendment 2015). The central government has powers to order closure of such institutions that work against citizes and security of the country. Kerala government of Congress (UDF) earlier and CPIM (LDF) now are active accomplice for these terrorist activities as they get funds thru afore mentioned illegal sources and many of its leaders are linked to these organizations today.

SDPI ( is a fraud organization carrying out banned SIMI activities in India under political name, their main agenda is spread hate against Hindus and India. They are linked to Islamic terrorist organizations in Pakistan (ISI), Afghanistan (Al Qaeda), Iraq and Syria (ISIS). They have agents in Gulf countries to collect money from Muslim NRI’s, NRI workers and NRI businessmen. Besides they get funds thru hawala for religios conversion activity from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. PFI ( ) is their frontal organization. Many of their teachings, speeches, blogs and video is aimed at spreading hate against Hindus and promote terrorist activities in India to create Islamic state.

The above activities were going since 2000 or before, however after 2010 the magnitude of these activities increased, Indian union Muslim League partner of Congress in Kerala provide political support in Kerala, many of its leaders have benami investment in Gulf state of UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Previous Kerala government lead by Congress (UDF) and CPIM (LDF) never taken any police action against them fearing vote bank politics of minorities in Kerala. Many of their members are also activist of Congress or CPIM youth and students wing.

In 2010 members of both the above organizations were involved in chopping of the hand of Professor. T.J. Joseph in Kerala and one of the main accused M.K.Nazer was absconding and hiding for 5 years until 2015 ( ). Islamic charitable and religious centres in Kerala and Karnataka provide safe hide out for these type of terrorist who again venture out to kill RSS-BJP-VHP and other social or media activists. Sometimes they join as members of CPIM and carryout murder in Northern Kerala. Over the years these terrorist organizations have acquired landed properties in many seashore are of Kerala using the Hawala and terrorist money. However Kerala government did not constitute any inquiry or take any action against any one of them. There are already many cases exists for such criminal and smuggling activities reported.

Statement of CPIM Ex-chief minister V S Achithanadan ( ) and then CPIM Secretary Pinarayi Vijayan is proof of their awareness of these actitivities ( However present CM Pinarayi Vijayan made a U Turn when he became CM and now active supporter of the aforesaid terrorist groups activities in Kerala.

Other references (Latest news of girl taken to Saudi for selling to ISIS in Syria by a bangalore based LoveJihadi).

I understand that the Central government ministry of home affairs is already ceased of this matter in spite of the complete anti national stand of Kerala government lead by CPIM, CM Pinarayi Vijayan. CPIM leaders and ministers have direct financial and benami investment links with these elements in Kerala and UAE.

The above given information is already on public domain and is under investigation by HMO and NIA, some cases are already in SC and Kerala High Court. Hence I would request Government of India Hon. Home Minister. Shri.Rajnath Singh to take very stern action to ban the aforesaid organizations immediately and arrest its leaders for terrorism and organized crime against India and Hindus, under the terrorist act including use of MCOCA against them. Also request government of India Hon.HM to take action against terrorist preacher Zakir Naik who was the main mentor for these type of activities and organizations; he must be  extradicted from Malaysia and jailed to face prosecution in India for terrorism (under MCOCA) .

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