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Australia exports five million live sheep and half a million live cattle annually. Most of the sheep are sent to the Middle East and the cattle to Indonesia.

Upon arrival the animals are routinely subjected to cruel treatment. Sheep are trussed and tied to roof racks or thrown into car boots in the desert heat. Most of the animals will be slaughtered by having their throats cut while fully conscious. Being bigger animals cattle are disabled in the slaughter process by having their leg tendons slashed, eyes stabbed to blind them, tails pulled, twisted and even broken and whipped in their sensitive faces.

Australia's willingness to export animals -- knowing that tens of thousands will die enroute and that surviving animals will endure treatment that would be illegal in Australia -- is immoral and unforgiveable.

Ask the Australian government to ban all animal exports.

Letter to
Prime Minister Hon. Julia Gillard
Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry Sen. Joe Ludwig
Minister for Trade Dr. Craig Emerson
and 1 other
Prime Minister's Chief of Staff Ben Hubbard
We are writing to you because of the unspeakable cruelty our animals suffer when they are exported to be slaughtered for their meat. This cruelty has been going on for years and we have seen time and time again footage taken by animal welfare groups showing the barbarity they are subjected to. Promises by the export industries to improve animal welfare have comprehensively failed and animals are routinely subjected to inhumane handling and torture.

How can a civilised country such as Australia allow its animals to be treated in such a way? Are we blind or do we just turn our faces away so as to earn a few extra dollars at our animals' expense? Where's our sense of decency?

We are now asking you to commit to supporting the banning of all live exports and also support the chilled meat trade. Jobs at local abattoirs must be preserved rather than exported overseas. Australians have had enough of seeing sickening pictures of our animals being subjected to unnecessary pain and suffering and we look forward to your commitment to end live exports.

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