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Joan E Loza Mobry started this petition to China Premier Wen Jiabao and

China has emerged as one of the world's most powerful economies but is still mistrusted and feared (as distinct from respected) because since emerging from behind the bamboo curtain, it's government has done little to dispel its autocratic image and apparent disregard for human rights. Quite apart from human rights, decent people everywhere could never accept a society so depraved and bereft of common decency as to accept the skinning of live animals as acceptable behavior.

It's burgeoning economy has resulted from flooding the world with cheap consumer products produced by a cheap unregulated work force. A fact that is understandable, having regard to its enormous population and fantastic work ethic. In turn, China has developed an insatiable appetite for raw product from other countries and governments keen to export to China are reluctant to criticise or offend the Chinese government.

Given this background, will your government impose economic sanctions against China or openly criticise the Chinese government or demand that it puts a stop to the Chinese cat and dog fur trade? Most unlikely. However, there will surely be individuals within governments, so incensed and horrified by the trade that they will support Our Cause.

The Chinese government is well aware of the economic power play behind the scenes. It also knows it has a long way to go earn acceptance from the free world. Make no mistake, China absolutely craves acceptance as a world leader that is trusted and respected and there are emerging signs that it is

The United States of America is still accepting skins from over seas, especially China, where the most incredibly brutal form of fur farming takes place, "LIVE ANIMAL SKINNING".  Their reason for such a horrific crime against animals is that it is easier to take the fur from a warm, live animal. Sickening!!! The skins are processed for wear and formed into so called FASHION by some of the top designers in the U.S and around the world.

Sadly, it is the most inhumane form of fur farming, next to anal and genital electrocution.  Head bashing, neck breaking are common with "LIVE ANIMAL SKINNING".  Animals of all types have their heads bashed with sticks, metal rods, and many other blunt objects before being SKINNED ALIVE.  Some are hoisted in the air by their back feet in order to have their heads pounded on the ground, very few die that way.  They too, are then SKINNED ALIVE. After being SKINNED ALIVE, they are tossed aside like garbage to die a horrific and painful death.

In China, cats and dogs who were once someones pet are stolen from their homes just to be shoved in tiny cages.  These animals are compacted so tightly that their little feet hang out and once they arrive at the factories, the cages are thrown from the tops of trucks with the animals inside, like sacks of garbage.  In these scenarios, the animals legs, backs, and necks are broken and injured.  They will suffer great pain with no veterinarian care before going to slaughter.

Cat and dog pelts sell for about US$1 each and every year, 2,000,000 cats and dogs suffer a horrific death, skinned alive for the pelts.

For what?

1. An insignificant contribution towards the Chinese economy - a few million US$; and

2. A clear message to the world that so long as the Chinese government permits the trade, China is not fit to take its place as a leading nation and certainly not one that is entitled to any trust or respect.The "adverse fallout" and abhorrence for the Chinese government resulting from the trade will far exceeds the paltry contribution it makes towards China's economy. It is in China's interest, to aboli\sh the trade.

It's our duty to tell the world about the trade and kick up such a stink that our message reverberates around the world.

Remember Tiananmen Square. Let's make this another Tiananmen Square - this time, for the animals.

My Goals Are To:

1. Make "LIVE ANIMAL SKINNING" Illegal in China & Worldwide

2. Stop the Fur Trade with China & Worldwide

3. Educate China about Animal Rights

4. Extend Animal Welfare to China

5. Give ALL Animals a Voice in China & Worldwide

"Animals Do Not Have A Voice Of Their Own. If We Do Not Stand Up And Speak For Them... Who Will?!"
~ Joan E Loza Mobry


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This petition had 5,465 supporters

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