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STOP LIVE ANIMAL EXPORT! Help create Australian jobs & STOP animal suffering

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* To stop animal suffering
* To create more Australian jobs

In 2012 Austraila exported just over 2 million sheep and around 600,000 cattle. The trip to the Middle East can take up to 35 days, with three sheep confined to one square metre throughout the entire journey.
Ship motion, high levels of ammonia, cramped conditions, noise and vibration are all factors that cause suffering and stress. Add to this a sea voyage during which time animals are lying down in their own urine and faeces and enduring high temperatures and humidity beyond which they are used to.
Upon arrival overseas, Australian animals are no longer under our protection. Many animals will still be slaughtered whilst fully conscious.

It's a sad fact that thousands of jobs have been lost in meat processing because of livestock shortages, exacerbated by live export. The good news is that 2,200 direct new jobs would be created if live sheep and cattle exports were replaced by chilled and frozen meat exports. Add this to the fact that almost everyone employed as a result of live exports would also be required under a chilled and frozen meat trade (farmers, vets, feed suppliers, truckies, agents and shearing contractors).
Independent economic research shows, some commissioned by WSPA, that is entirely possible to protect jobs, the economy and farmers' interests by transitioning to a chilled and frozen meat trade. In fact, it is worth 20% more to our economy to process sheep in Australia and northern cattle farmers could more than double their incomes if they had access to a northern abattoir.

Some of the BENEFITS in transitioning to a chilled and frozen meat trade are:
•It is worth 20% more to the WA economy to process sheep there rather than send them live
•The under-utilisation of abattoirs in WA would be rectified and thousands of jobs would be created
•If Northern cattle farmers had access to a northern abattoir, they could increase their pre-tax earnings by 245%
•The same abattoir could contribute $204 million to the economy each year and create 1300 jobs, having huge flow on benefits to the community
•There would be a huge reduction in risk to farmers when markets close or are disrupted by inevitable disasters and exposure of cruelty
•The animals would be processed in a more humane way, under Australian law


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