Stop Lewisham Mayor attack on Ceo Ian Thomas

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After only 7 months Ian Thomas was pushed out of his post as Lewisham's Chief Executive. He had started to clean up the corruption within Lewisham council.

The young people stopped killing each other because they saw Ian Thomas as a role model. Now Damien Egan has got rid of him they have lost hope and the murders have started again.  There are no other credible senior BME person in the council, police or cabinet which is absolutely disgraceful.

What did Ian Thomas discover? Why did Damien Egan and his puppet masters panic?

I demand complete clarity on what the reported "...change of direction..." is that Damien Egan wanted to go in that meant he couldn't work with the Ian Thomas.

Damien needs to provide explain his strategy!

He refused to answer questions on 6th November 2018 at Lewisham Mayor's Question Time at The Mulberry Centre, 15 Amersham Vale, SE14 6LE

His written answers to questions at the council meeting on 28th November explained nothing.

Do YOU know what the real reason was? If so please contact us by leaving a message on 07950 717 612 - you do not have to leave your name or number.

Ian Thomas was recommended following a rigorous selection process by an appointments panel consisting of Sir Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham and a cross-party group of eight councillors.

Ian was the Strategic Director for Children and Young People at Rotherham Council. He took on that post in January 2015, and had to act on the reports of Professor Jay, Louise Casey CB and Ofsted, in what was a most challenging time for any council.

Under Ian’s leadership, children’s services in Rotherham were transformed, improving from a rating of ‘inadequate’ to ‘good with outstanding features’ within three years. Ofsted report that there is now ‘a positive organisational culture’ in Rotherham. At the same time, education standards have improved and, as lead commissioner for victims and survivors of child sexual exploitation (CSE), Ian mobilised a response with partners that resulted in the conviction of 30 sex offenders, who are now serving around 400 years in jail between them.

A range of community-based services are now in place to support around 1,100 survivors of CSE. Ian was formerly Deputy Chief Executive and Strategic Director for Children and Younger Adults at Derbyshire County Council and Assistant Director (Social Care and Housing Strategy) at Trafford MBC.

After Ian was pushed out of his job here in Lewisham he was appointed at Chief Executive at Kingston on Thames and recognised for his work in Rotherham with a CBE in the New Year's Honors List.  Further evidence that he had done nothing wrong in Lewisham.

Damien Egan, it's time to stop playing the straw-man. Be bold, appoint someone to investigate corruption in Lewisham Council and act on their findings, even if you have to sack senior officers.