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As I sat down to jot a few lines, I felt scared and shaken to the core, my heart was beating so fast but I had no tears in my eyes. Deep down I felt so angry but I knew my anger will not bring sanity. I felt alone and sometimes even so scared where are we heading to as a country? I am sure I am not alone with this feeling of anxiety and the dilemma.

I know you must be wondering why I am writing this today my dear sisters, mothers and the women of this great country Kenya. Like the tongue, Kenya today is between two strong jaws. Time and again it has faced the wrath of being bitten and even bleeding. We have all experienced instances where you bite yourself, even bleed but you cannot decide to cut off the tongue or take out the tooth. Just like the tooth and tongue we need each other today more than ever before. As a country, Kenya today is the tongue and the two big political parties are the strong jaws, each is biting and tearing it apart.

I have decided not to stand on the sidelines and watch, cheering/jeering is not my thing; I want to get into the field to create a safe space for us to just talk. I don’t even want to call it dialogue yet; we just need to address ourselves and not talk through the media (be it social or mainstream). Imagine if you were locked up in a room alone with a mirror in front of you, what will you tell yourself? It is that inner conversation that comes from the heart; it is that little voice that needs to be heard and then we can come out and talk, talk, talk, talk and talk.

Just like me, you want to get on with your life but for how long will you and I look the other side and wish the situation will fix itself. It will not, not for as long you and I are silent and we are not ready to listen to those inner voices. I may be alone in this scary place in heart, but imagine if you reached out and held my hand. Just knowing someone else is holding my hand gives me comfort, it gives me hope to believe again. I am asking today, are you ready to hold my hand and walk with me through thick and thin, through the rain and sunshine? No matter what and where the path leads? I will close my eyes and follow you because I trust you my dear sisters, mothers and women of our great country Kenya.

The time is now for us to rise and make our voices heard, but I believe in you and your ability to amplify my little voice. I am scared but I still have hope, somehow from deep within I believe we can still mould our destiny. As women we do not belong to one tribe or another; we have married across the tribes; across the borders and our blood is mixed. Alone nobody will listen but if we all spoke with one voice, our voice is amplified and Kenya will listen. Personally, I have no other agenda and my only hope is for us to connect as sisters, mothers and women of this great nation; have a safe space to come together and talk. Share our experiences, expertise and be a voice of reason for Our Country Kenya. Take a moment to wipe my tears! Take a moment to SIGN the Petition and share your thoughts!

STOP & Lets TALK as Kenyans only then will #KenyaWIN


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