STOP! Let's Change Course to Avoid Marine Animal Collisions

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Why Does Canada Need a Marine Action Plan?

“In the last three years we have observed 22 Right Whales’ deaths in Canada. The Right Whale is unique to whales as it floats after it dies, making it easier for researchers to find. In a way, the Right Whale is the canary in the coal mine! What is the impact to the many other marine species in our oceans from the threats of ship strikes and entanglements? For North Atlantic Right Whales, they will go extinct if we do not change our activity to help them now.”

~Sean Brillant,
CWF Senior Conservation Biologist, Marine Programs

Canadian waters are rich in whales; more than 30 species inhabit the country’s oceans. Whales are remarkable creatures. Each species have developed distinct ways of communicating with one another in dialect and behaviour. Even subspecies have different ways of communicating! Sadly, almost every grouping of every species is listed as Threatened or Endangered.

We ask that you sign our petition to support CWF’s Marine Action Plan to ensure safer waterways for whales and all marine species.

Other Ways to Help

A contribution from you will make an incredible difference to the future of marine animals in Canada. Your gift of $40 or even $45 will help us push forward with our plan.

Together, we can build a future that will eliminate threats to our amazing marine species and support research to make Canada’s oceans safe for marine wildlife.

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