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Stop Leasing Public Lands to Individuals

The leasing of Public Lands costs U.S. Citizens billions of dollars and benefits no one other than the individuals who lease our public lands for their private use.

These Public Lands would far better serve Americans as well as the wildlife, as Wildlife Refuges.

Wildlife and Nature Based Tourism generates billions of dollars each year.

In a report released by Interior Secretary Gale Norton in 2004, the refuge system generated $1.37 billion in economic benefits.

That is more than was generated by all Public Land grazing lease payments, which equaled $13,086,335.

Help us convince Congress to pass laws prohibiting the lease of Public Lands to private individuals and large corporations.

Demand that Congress preserve out last remaining habitats before it is too late.

By converting Public Lands to Wildlife Refuges we not only create an economic engine which will generate billions of dollars in revenue, but it will also create a buffer zone for our wildlife and farmers and ranchers who want to kill the wildlife  which attack their stock being grazed on OUR Public Lands.

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