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STOP! L@@K! & LISTEN: Kansas make it against the law to leave a child in the car alone!

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Wednesday January 25th 2017 around 7 p.m. Case #: 17C005650  A 3 year old boy was left alone with 2 of his siblings at the Jumpstart 1535 E. Pawnee Wichita Ks. The Father of said child left these 3 children in his vehicle to run inside the gas station to pay for gas. When he did the child climbed over the seat (they had locks on the back doors) to get out of the vehicle to run to his Father. As he was running through the parking lot a woman in an SUV came into the parking lot and accidentally hit the boy not being able to see him. The child died due to his injuries. This has clearly been investigated by the WPD and are declaring it a tragic/terrible accident. I believe that common sense and logic teaches us that if it's preventable it's not an accident. I have thought about this for 3 days now. If he would of taken his kid/s into the store with him this would of not happened. I believe the woman driving would of seen the Father and avoided the whole incident by seeing the Father and stopping the vehicle but she couldn't with him not present for he is taller and the boy was too short to be seen by her view over the hood of her truck. Anyone can say well this could of happened even if  he had taken him in with him, but then  that would have been an accident at least on the Father's end of it. This clearly is not an accident when the dad was negligent by not bringing his child into the store with him. And he knew his son would get out of the vehicle or at least open the doors by the story of them telling the news that they had installed special locks in the back of their mini van because of this behavior. Why not take the child in with him since he knows it's a possibility that the child could/would get out? I think at this point we need to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. We need to make it a law that if you leave your child alone in the car at a certain age determined by the State of Kansas legislatures (or have the people of Kansas vote on it) you will be charged with a crime set forth by the State of Kansas Legislatures.  I think it should be part of the Child endangerment laws that are already being enforced in the State of Kansas. Kansas Statute 21-5601 Article 56. - CRIMES AFFECTING FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS AND CHILDREN. I am in no way saying that this man that left his child is a bad person. I just think that anyone that is responsible for a child that is in their care at any said time shouldn't be left alone in a car for any amount of time and left to die in the heat, cold, or to get out and be ran over, kidnapped or any other tragic thing that could happen. That is not an accident and it is preventable. To our Kansas Legislatures please hear our voices and help save our Children in the future from negligence on the part of the parties responsible. 



Kimberley Sloan


The People of Kansas

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