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Stop Killings and Brutality in Kenya

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First and for most, Kenya has experienced a lot of changes since August 8th 2017. This changes have brought both negative and positive effect. Starting from the positive effects.

1. Kenya has grown to be more mature in following the constitution.

2. It has gained recognition all around the globe, where by so many other countries that go through such situations have been able to learn from our country Kenya.

3.It has made so many citizens of Kenya understand and have more interest in learning about our constitution.

4. It has also made all our political leaders know that they are all equal regardless of their positions since, they are able to assist each other in looking on the way forward and also to look much deeper into the constitution thus making them learn more and more about how to go about political situations.

5. It has made history. 

The disadvantages are that;

1. Many lives have been lost � including that of our children, our siblings...this are innocent children who have not committed any crime.

2. Our economy has greatly dropped. This is not good for our nation because we incur loses.

3. Many properties have been destroyed through this entire process leading to many families being homeless.

4. This has brought about enemity even at work, in homes just because people support leaders that are from their tribe. 

5. It has brought about insecurity since many people even can't move out of their houses just because of the violence out doors.

•••• In short, this has to STOP✋ and the only way we can stop this is by, learning first to love one another regardless of their tribe. We can't enmity control us making us to kill one another. You can show your neighbor or friend love by a simple act of compassion and understanding. 

•••• Respect for one another. Since everyone has a different opinion and not always will it be that you have to agree with your neighbour all we can do is just listen to their opinion and also let them listen to your opinion. No more to add or argue to ones opinion.

•••• All poilitcal leaders have a major role in assisting to bring the country back to its normal state. Every leader has to show by example. Since so many Kenyans are looking up to them. All leaders can change this country. All leaders can decide and talk to every citizen about peace and love and through them the country will be in order and peace one again. Not only political leaders but also religious leaders can assist in preaching peace.

•••We can also do peace events so that even our youths can learn to love one another regardless of their tribe. 

••• The social media platforms can help every citizen out their by banning all hate messages and posts that's causes hatred and brings about tribalism. 

•••Police officers need to be compassionate so as to have a friendly relationship with the citizens and to stop ruthless killings.

••• All group killings need to end because God isn't happy at all with how people murder their sisters and brothers. Its just not right for blood to be shed.


LOVE should lead us all so as for PEACE to prevail. 

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