Stop killing sharks for sport

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    I wanted to start this petition because i care deeply about sharks. i have since i was in 1st grade. it makes me mad/sad to see how they are being treded. Killing sharks or any other animal is not cool or funny its disappointing. Its like killing your own dog because sharks are just like dogs.

   If you do something to make a dog angry its going to bit you if its scard its going to bit just like a shark. Not all sharks are as mean as people say they are. Sharks are like every other animal they have feelings just like lions and tigers. Ok sure people kill them for sport but those people are dumb. If you dont stop then alot of the animals u kill with go extinct just like the white Rhino.

     So if u think thats cool or funny then you have no heart. Then you should die and suffer like those poor animals. Your the one with all that blood on your hands and you cant hide from that. People say that its ok to kill sharks for there body parts for disease and food. Well i say no its not thought shaeks are able to cure cancer.

    But i tend to disagree and before you call me heartless and crule for saying that hear what i have to say first. I dont think its ok to kill for cancer because its a natural human thing. Just like car crashes sure you can rise the drinking and driving limite. It does not mean the crahses with stop its apart of life people come and go all the time. But just case there gone does not mean there not with you they will aways be there.

     But killing one to save on is not the answer. Killing them for there fins to EAT is meantal and sick and crazy. That is all i have to say about that. so if want to be a better person and stop the killing of this poor animal. Then please sign my petition to help save the creature of the big blue It is not to late to do the right thing.

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