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Stop Killing Innocent Florida Black Bears!!!

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Florida Black Bears are naturally docile, shy creatures.  Florida Black Bears, who once populated the entire state of Florida, dropped in numbers to merely 300 bears in the 1970's and were put on the list of state-threatened species.  In 2012, the black bears, who rose in numbers to 3,000 in the state, were taken off the state-threatened species list, and a law was passed banning hunting, killing, injuring, or owning and selling bear parts.  Since 1900, there have been a total of 61 humans attacked and killed by black bears.  There have been no reported deaths caused by Florida Black Bears.  An alarming 163 Florida Black Bears are killed every year due only to motorists.

While docile and shy creatures by nature, Florida Black Bears, as any human or animal, are powered also by instinct; instinct for survival, instinct to protect its young, etc.  When the bears, or any animals, feel startled, provoked, frightened, or threatened, they react with aggression.  A recent event shows a woman attacked in her garage by a Florida Black Bear - while the bear was rumaging through her trash for food.  Since the incident, 6 black bears in the area have been captured and killed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Convervation Commission (FWC) due to showing "aggressive behavior."  What the FWC doesn't seem to realize is that approaching a bear with aggressive intent will return aggressive behavior from the animals.  Several bear traps have been set around the location of the attack in an attempt to find the bear responsible for the attack.  In turn, these trapped bears will likely react with aggression and be put down.

Please help me put an end to the killing of these beautiful creatures by the people who are here to conserve and protect them.  These bears deserve to live in their homes, and if showing signs of aggression, they deserve relocation to have a peacful life elsewhere.  We as humans need to do our part in protecting the animals that we took the homes of.  We are responsible for their safety and their well-being.  Put an end to death as a punishment for animals simply for being animals!

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