Stop Killing Crows!

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Watertown, New York, mercilessly guns down crows every year to prevent them from roosting in the city. Flocks of crows can gather by the thousands, which can cause conflicts between crows and humans. 

Crows are very social, highly intelligent animals who often flock together for warmth, safety, and socialization. They are valuable members of the animal kingdom who play an important role in keeping our natural ecosystems in balance. Crows transport and store seeds that contribute to forest renewal, consume copious amounts of insects, loose garbage, and even roadkill. The positive ecological impact of crows far outweigh the negative, and we as stewards of the environment have a responsibility to utilize sound solutions that allow us to coexist with crows and other species.

Crow shoots should never be the answer, especially when humane solutions are available to avert human-crow conflicts.

Non-Lethal Solutions:

  • Scarecrows.
  • Secure trash.
  • Cover compost or only compost yard waste, leaving out food scraps.
  • Feed pets indoors or monitor them if fed outdoors and remove the food when they’ve finished eating.
  • If you have small bird feeders outside, clean up any spillage under or around the feeders regularly.

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