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Stop killing baby seals for their fur!

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Female harp seals give birth to one pup each year. Seal pups are born with silky white fur, which they molt around two weeks of age. Mothers and pups form a very strong bond and recognize each other by sound and smell. Female seals nurse their pups for a few days before going out to sea to feed, leaving the pup in a nursery group or a protected area for three to five days. When the mothers return, they call their pup with a distinctive bark that the pup will answer.
Each year, the Canadian government gives hunters the green light to bludgeon to death hundreds of thousands of baby harp seals. Thousands of the mothers return from feeding to find that their pup has been murdered. During this slaughter, tens of thousands of seals are bludgeoned and skinned so that their fur can be turned into fur coats.

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