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Stop killing and start saving dogs and cats in Stockton, CA.

ID#A178150 never had a name. She came into the Stockton, CA pound injured or sick on December 19, 2011 and she was dead by close of business December 23. She probably never received veterinary care. Director Pat Claerbout says she refuses to keep animals in "inhumane conditions," but she does nothing to save them. Pat Claerbout's tenure at Sacramento County Animal Services was notable for high kill rates and complaints about poor conditions. Stockton is now experiencing the same. Dozens of other communities save the vast majority of animals with the No Kill Equation, and Stockton and San Joaquin County could, too. It starts with the leadership of the City Council and County Board of Supervisors and with hiring a compassionate and competent director. Replace Pat Claerbout with a director who is willing and able to marshal the resources available in the community and region to save animals like the poor dog known only as A178150.

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  • Stockton, CA City Council and San Joaquin County, CA Board of Supervisors

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