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KFC has been brutally mauling and killing the chickens they use for meat, for a very long time! As you can see on youtube, and on PETA, it has been exposed, but not much has been done to stop them. Something needs to be done for these poor chickens. So signing this petition can help make our voices heard, after all, we are the voices for those who can't speak for themselves...

Letter to
KFC President Roger Eaton
To Whomever this may concern:

I am sending this message with a petition regarding the overlooked abuse that KFC inflicts on its chickens. These animals may be bred for the meat industry, but they were not put on this earth to be mistreated, dismembered, mauled, and abused in many other ways. Some of the actions by the workers in the factories may not have been trained by the company, but the actions are happening, and they need to be punished. These factories should be heavily monitored by managers, and people with the right training. Also, the conditions in which these animals are kept, and killed in are appalling. Something needs to be done, and I hope you will respect, and take into account the peoples' voices when they sign this petition.

Thank You.
The Public

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