KESB Gewalt und Schwester weggenommen ins Internat gebracht

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Hello my name is Feyza i am 24 years old and i live in Switzerland i have a big problem KESB took my little Sister with violence and they gave my Sister an Injection they closed the Door and she cant speak and has an Heart Valve.

My Sister was crying and they took her with Violence its an Justice Crime and KESB is an Organisation and the Goverment in Switzerland is Corrupt and they took her rly with Violence and the Police attacked my Mom also with Violence.

I need help that my Sister can come to us back she is my Sister my Heart my Mom is crying pls World i need help pls sign my Petition pls STOP KESB Close them pls help me to Close them Thank you all who are reading this and helping me.

Sincerely Feyza Sahin

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