Please Help Us Shutdown A Scammer! Abusing Dogs, Children, and Veterans!

Over the last few years, Tammy Nugent has  taken money from Veterans, disabled, children, in hopes of a service dog.

There are numerous victims Tammy conned.  She stole our money, and our dreams of a new beginning.  She made excuses, busy, or the dog hated you.  Our loved ones feel helpless, they can't afford to pay for a new dog, a real trainer.  Tammy Nugent has taken our dreams, dignity, our self worth, our chance of having our life back. 

  After one victim was scammed, they  decided to share their story on Facebook, not knowing Tammy had conned so many people.  People started responding, sharing information back and forth, a simular scam she had used on all of us.  Tammy isn't picky who she hurts.  She knows the weak ones who are desperate  sitting on long  waiting list for a Vetdog, or if you can't afford to pay the whole lump sum.  With the army base close by her, made us Veterans another easy target.  The families who are  desperate with a handicap child, was the easiest of all her scams. 

She has been sued in court, but refuses to pay.  She has given hope to Veterans,  families with  disabled children, and trusting pet owners in her kennel.  The town knows, court house, game warden, sheriff department,  yet no one can touch her.  We want to know why?  Why can't someone help us?  Please do not allow her to hurt another child, or Veteran.  We served our country, not to  meet people like Tammy Nugent to take our money, no service dog.  Where is the help to shut her down? 

After witnessing her, shocking the service dog in training,  the dog would fall to the floor.  Sadly she has starved dogs, let's them lay in their urine, and feces.  The stinch of the building will take away your breath when you walk into her business.  There are photos of the animal abuse.  A list in her hand written instructions to buy a shocker, bought to hurt the dog into submission.  A veterinarian letter how horrible Tammy Nugent mistreated this poor defenseless dog. The photos are horrifying of how she starved this dog.

Tammy has been sued over a child who never got her service dog, Tammys word, "she will never pay!", and she hasn't. Kentucky Service Dog Academy needs to be shut down! 

We need your help to stop her. We are treated badly, verbal threats if we try to stop Tammy Nugent.  

It seems no one cares about us victims.  Our many phone calls to her town. We are just past over to another office, who refers us back to the one who we just spoke to.  No questions were asked when she was taking donations for Veterans on the internet.  She promised us a free dog, refusing to show any money that was donated.  We weren't backing down, she finally took it off her website last week.  How much money was donated in three years she has taken? 

She portrayed herself as a former k-9 cop, SARS, Kentucky Fire Investigator,  until we had Kentucky fire investigators run her.  We were told she preys on the disabled, the Veterans, we needed to report her, she was a con.  They asked around, Tammy wasn't who she said she was.

 We have spent, many hours on the phones, or written, pleading for help, no not one!   Not even a sorry sir, or mam.

 Tammy isnt certified, as she stated she is. Now the Veterans can not register their service dog with the  Veterans Administration.  Why still no help for a Vet? 

This isnt a petition to get revenge, we need closure.  We know we won't ever see our money.  We want a peace of mind, she can't hurt anyone else. This is our goal.  We want the town to know, all Veterans matter, children matter! Without you,  we cant make this happen. 

Please help us!  Sign this petition please!  It will go to the one person who will help us, Senator Mitch McConnell.  He looks out for Veterans, and cares.  He is our last hope to stop Tammy from continuing her con , stealing from innocent people, and animal cruelty.

Every signature counts.  No Veteran left behind.  No child left behind. No dog deserved to be abused! 



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