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Stop Ken Cuccinelli's Extreme Agenda

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Since the day he was sworn in as Virginia's Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli has put an extreme partisan agenda ahead of his duties to enforce the law.

The Washington Post wrote that Cuccinelli has been ''the most overtly partisan Attorney General in Virginia history'' and ''has waged war on Obamacare, harassed climate-change scientists, sanctioned discrimination against homosexuals and embraced Arizona's (now mostly gutted) immigration law.'' Cuccinelli waged an all-out assault on academic freedom by using state resources to sue a University of Virginia Professor who was researching global warming, and bullied members on the State Board of Health into shutting down abortion clinics by threatening to sue them.

Enough! Tell Ken Cuccinelli that Virginians need an Attorney General who will faithfully execute the law - not pursue an extreme partisan agenda.

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