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Stop Johns Hopkins University's Cruel Pig Lab


We need your help to end the cruel and unnecessary use of live pigs at Johns Hopkins University. Recently, several Maryland physicians filed a criminal complaint on Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, alleging that the school's use of pigs in its medical student curriculum is illegal due to its failure to use validated, non-animal alternatives. Please lend your support by signing this petition and asking the dean to end this animal use immediately.

Johns Hopkins University (JHU) in Baltimore, Md., uses live pigs in its medical student surgery clerkship, which occurs almost weekly. In the training session, live pigs are offered for students to practice suture and knot-tying skills and to perform simple surgical procedures. At the end of each session, the pigs are killed. So far, the responsible faculty members and administrators at JHU have ignored pleas to improve this training and replace animals.

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  • Dean, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
    Edward D. Miller, M.D.

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