Stop Jail Retaliation Against My Son Before Its To Late

Stop Jail Retaliation Against My Son Before Its To Late

July 13, 2022
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Started by Dr. Aiisha Davis

My son William Adams is being detained in the Gwinnett County Jail solitary confinement unit since May 19,2022 without reasonable cause. 


He has been restricted from all communication to the outside world as of May 31st 2022, And also locked in the cell for several consecutive 24hr periods.


But as of July 4th 2022 he was placed on complete 24hr Isolation in retaliation of the occurrences below.


William was further punished to serve a total of 73 days in solitary confinement for an unfounded alleged altercation. 


Please sign and share our petition to get Willian out of solitary confinement and into a safe protected area in the general population.


We have reason to believe these acts of cruel and unusual punishment which are a violation of William's 8th Amendment right are in retaliation of William filing several court actions in his own defense one in particular being a motion to represent himself which was predicated on a positive mental health evaluation that Judge Tadia Whitner demanded be mandatory. In addition to a motion to dismiss counsel which was also denied by the same Judge and she forced William to have a public defender added to his case. 


We have reason to believe William is being provoked to a psychotic break and a mental heath decline since May 31st when he was silenced from all communication to outside world.


On June 30th, 2022 Gwinnett County deputies placed a level 3 mentally Ill inmate in the same cell with William which the inmate told deputies he is  not allowed to have a room mate.

But to no resolve then on July 1st, 2022 the same mentally ill inmate reported to a Deputy Hayles he is hearing voices telling him to kill his room mate Deputy Hayles ignored the mentally ill inmates statement and he forced him back into the cell with William in which he then attacked William, and eventually the mentally ill inmate was was removed from the cell.


On July 2, 2022 another Deputy placed another presumably mental patient in Williams cell only to remove him prior to attack. 


July 4th 2022, William was placed on 24hr Isolation we believe in retaliation for his request to not be placed with any mentally ill inmates. 24hr Isolation entails no removal from the cell at no time on any day until his release from solitary confinement!! 


These actions again give us further reason to believe the Gwinnett County Sheriffs Dept is working to provoke a Psychotic Break and mental decline in William to create a false mental health record of negative mental status to prevent William from being able to represent himself in the court of law. 


The Gwinnett County Sheriffs Department mental health liaison Dept. was ordered by the Gwinnett County Superior Court Judge Tadia Whitner to turn over directly to her any and all mental heath or medical records on William on April 14, 2022, And because William has no mental heath history to support a negative outcome to the ordered mental health evaluation we believe these horrid actions are slated to create a negative mental health status on William to support the predetermined denial and dismissal of Williams motion to proceed Pro Se that was filed with Judge Tadia Whitner. 


We are petitioning Sheriff Kebo Taylor to investigate theses occurrences at the hand of his deputies and to immediately order William be transferred to a safe housing area in the general population where he won’t be retailed against by deputies or inmates even for this action. 


We petition that all Deputies involved in the occurrences provide unaltered valid video footage to sustain the validity of any such altercation that William had on May 19th 2022. 


In addition the unaltered footage of the body cam from the Deputy that initially placed William in the solitary confinement area. 


Also the footage of the mentally ill inmate being placed in Williams cell and body cam footage of the inmate stating he heard voices telling him to KILL WILLIAM and the consecquenting attack on William due to Deputy Hayles ignoring the inmates statement. 


We petition that the body cam footage be reviewed without alteration of the removal of the presumed mentally ill inmate that was removed from the cell at Williams request on July 3rd and then William was placed on 24hr Isolation without just cause.










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Signatures: 68Next Goal: 100
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