Stop Islamic Defense Front (FPI) Movement in Indonesia

Since The Law inforcement (Police) Never Touch This Mass Organization, We should Spread To The World That There Is No Justice In This Country, We Want This Mass Organization Banished Forever From Indonesia, We Are Tired for They Are Always doing Vandalism,Forbid Other Religion People for doing Their Praying,and Many More Reasons. Since The Law Inforcement never Fairs for Take Preventives Actions for This Mass Organization, this Petition Is For a Reason to Agree that Law in Indonesia is Not Fair and We Need Any Help From Everywhere Outside Indonesia to Stop This Brutalism, if Indonesian Government Unable to Solve This Serious Case Within at Least One Year From Now, We'd Like To Ask Favor From International Organization Such as UN to Involve, PLEASE HELP us.......


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  • International For Human Rights
    International For Human Rights, Paris
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    United Nations For Human Rights
  • Human Rights Watch, New York
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