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Stop Internet Censorship and allow Free Speech. Respect Privacy of Indians

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A partial victory to us as Madras High Court has asked ISP's to block only specific URL's and not the whole website.

We need the objectionable parts in IT act to be removed which allow government to snoop into our emails, chats, blogs and do the wrong surveillance.


The recent attack on the Freedom of Speech and expression in India was done by misuse of Madras High Court order which required blocking of certain content.

The HC Madras never issued any list of websites to be blocked, the DoT never issued a list of websites to be censored. Why is that ISPs are forced to block file sharing websites? Why is that instead of blocking few links the whole domain was blocked? The blocking of these websites is wrong and unjustified.”

“Torrents and file sharing sites are widely used to distribute open source and free software such as Linux distributions, and many other books and publications that are in the public domain. Video hosting sites like Vimeo are used by millions of people every day. You no longer have access to this content even though it is perfectly legal.”

We are against this Internet Censorship in disguise of preventing piracy.

Our objective is to repeal the ban on entire websites, where only a section of the content infringes on copyrights, and to contest the ‘intermediary guideline rules that have been effect since April 2011, besides annulment of section 69 of the amended Information Technology Act, 2008.

The April 2011 rules, an update to India's Information Technology Act (IT Act) of 2000 (amended in 2008), popularly known as the "intermediary guidelines," instruct online "intermediaries" -- companies that provide Internet access, host online content, websites, or search services -- to remove, within 36 hours, any material deemed to be "grossly harmful, harassing, blasphemous," "ethnically objectionable," or "disparaging" by any Internet user who submits a formal objection letter to that intermediary. Under the guidelines, any resident of India can compel Google, at the risk of criminal and/or civil liability, to remove content from its site that the resident finds politically, religiously, or otherwise "objectionable."

Mandatory data retention would force the Internet Service Providers to create vast and expensive new databases of sensitive information about us. That information would then be available to the government, in secret and without any court oversight.

Hence GOI, with certain individuals misuse this act, can access any content, seek it's removal and invade into privacy of citizens. This IT Act is taking away citizen's legitimate right to privacy and freedom of speech and expression. Speech censorship is illegal and contradicts freedom of speech guaranteed by Constitution of India.

We express our opposition to Internet Censorship and invasion of our Privacy and surveillance by Government.

We seek removal of blocks on websites and call for amendment of Information Technology Act so as to protect privacy of Indian citizens.

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