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Review and Release

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Florida is an unjust state.  Why did Florida's then Judge Peter Weinstein sentence a young man to 25 years? Lawrence Permenter, an African American male was sentenced to those 25 years. He has been incarcerated for over 16 years now and he has done nothing but better himself in the process. Through determination and study he was able to get his GED. He also took a computer course and received his fork lifting certificate. Mr. Permenter has even taken parenting classes in hopes to come home and be there for his children. He is now under minimum custody and works around civilians. He has more than proven himself and deserves early release. Lawrence Permenter has two children that he didn't have the opportunity to raise. His mom was in a wheelchair paralyzed from the waist down and his brother was down syndrome and he was very much so needed in his family. His mom and his brother is now passed and his children, sisters, and wife need his help and support. I submitted a review for his case back in 2011 and they have yet to say anything about it besides it is under investigation. How long must he stay in prison before being reunited with his family? His family did all they could in trying to get a lawyer, ending up having to settle with a public defender because they could not afford one.  This young man has done more than enough time, He needs to come home. Please join us to fight for justice for Mr. Permenter. This is something that will give other young men like Mr. Permenter hope. Let's fight to change the laws in Florida. Let's help free Mr. Permenter.

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