stop inhumane treatment of our children with special needs

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For last 14 years Somenath Mukherjee and Chailtali Mukherjee for last 12 years, had been physically hitting our children and also abusing them. In words of Kathakali.. " My 2. 4 years old son Aadrik have mild hyperactivity and stubbornness, and delayed speech.We went to speech plus where Mr. Somenath Mukherjee referred to us, Mr. Abhisekh Chatterjee for speech therapy and Mrs Chaitali Mukherjee for his' special education.   Mrs. Chaitali Mukherjee told us within 3 to 4 months will be alright.  We went to speech plus. I told her that my son is very cranky and panciked today, I dont think he ill be able to continue with the class today. She asked to not be over protective and wait to 15 minutes at the reception area. I could hear my son crying and felt that something was not right. So my husband and I stepped outside and stood outside the room . Soon I heard my son screaming.After 10 minutes,  I saw the receptionist with a box and savlon to the room. Still we thought that if anything happened with my child they would definitely call us inside. . But, when i heard my son crying and screaming, i went inside and saw Aadrik was bleeding from his head. We took him to hospital first and then went to Charu market police station. Police checked with the CCTV footage and arrested the teacher. In the CCTV footage we saw the teacher slapping my son dragged him and hurled him across the room and what not. I lost all my sense and i fainted. MY son was physically assualted and by Chaitali Mukherjee wife of Somenath Mukherjee.