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Stop inhumane gassing at Gaston Co. Animal Control & require they pass inspection

My husband and myself have been horrified by the failure of care given to the animals kept at Gaston County Animal Control. They also gas animals twice a day, they are over crowded. So basically if a dog is picked up it will be dead in a few days. Also if a tagged dog is picked up and the officer sees that the dog or cat is old, blind, injured or other problems they will just kill the animal without contacting the registered owner, this has been admitted in the media They are crowded into dog runs, left wet and cold in winter (I've seen puppies like this there) they are left injured without treatment and allowed to suffer and fight among themselves. They are racist against large breed dogs and chose to kill them instead of giving them a chance at a home. We pay taxes to keep this place going. They have failed inspection for the past several years, they have been warned but keep being allowed to fail inspection and continue their cruelty.  And try telling your 6 year old nephew why animal control was dumping dead dog bodies in our public landfill during the day. How would they feel if they were dumped as trash when they passed away. Have the respect to take a sec when its time for a dog or cat to die to take that animal and lay them down and give them an injection and a pat on the head because that may be the only affection and love that animal has ever had from a human. They need to stop throwing them in mass numbers into the gas chamber where they fight for their lives out of fear and die without respect or dignity.  Tell Gaston County Animal Control to clean up their act, pass inspections, treat the animals with respect and stop using gas chambers. It should be against the law.  But in Gaston County the Director of AC is Dr. Reggy Horton (this is a sick person) He not only manufactures gas chambers (that do not have monitoring capabilities or safety features) which he profits from, he holds training classes for the use of the chambers (making more money) It has even been admitted by students of these classes that Dr. Horton allows vet techs to preform horrific procedures such as allowing all four of a dogs legs to have IV's put into them until the veins blow out, or they practice giving heart injections all of this while they are awake unsadated , they are left in the gas chamber itself outside in high heat without water. What is our county paying for with our hard earned money. This is like Nazi expirements, it was wrong then and it's wrong now. How sick can you be. There will be special punishment for people who are truly evil and this man is truly evil. Help The Innocent Animals,  Who will help them? If not you. Just try and imagine the hell they endure, how can you sit and say it doesn't directly me, I don't see it and I don't have to hear about it if I don't want too, or its not my pets it's happening too (but it could be if your animal ever escaped from your protection and was picked up by these killers) How can yo do nothing?
   Its a good thing our Nation isn't judged by our treatment of our animals because we have failed them bad. Please add you signature to help us correct this wrong that is being done to these precious animals. The least they can do is take out the gas chambers and use injection only. Please tell Gaston County NC Animal Control to change their policies and stop gassing animals.

Letter to
The Governor of NC
We are writing to ask for your support for House Bill #6, Davie's Law/ Humane Euthanasia in all North Carolina Animal shelters. It is time to put the torture to end.

As a resident of North Carolina, I feel strongly that we should provide the most humane treatment possible for animals in our state's shelters. Gas chambers are outdated, dangerous, costly, and inefficient. Which we have been forced to watch.

Euthanasia by injection of sodium pentobarbital (EBI) is used in most animal shelters in our state. Staff at shelters should be trained to safely euthanize all sorts of animals by injection, even those who may be aggressive. However, it can be quite dangerous to force a conscious, aggressive animal into a gas chamber. Since animals are normally gassed in groups, placing frightened, aggressive or wild animals into a chamber with others can lead to fighting. There life has been full of misery why must you make it worse for them, do they not deserve to die in peace with dignity.

EBI is the only method approved by all national humane organizations in the United States, and the preferred method of the National Animal Control Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association. I understand that a recent cost study from Animal Care and Control Consultant Doug Fakkema shows that EBI can be less expensive than gas chambers, based on figures from North Carolina shelters. This could save money for our counties, while at the same time providing a humane end to the lives of animals in the care of shelters. And provide better care of the animals being held in the shelters living out their last days.

Inspections from several government agencies in recent years have revealed leaking and malfunctioning gas chambers, many of which have caused employee overexposure to carbon monoxide. It simply isn't worth the risk of increased worker compensation claims and possible lawsuits, when a safer, more cost effective, and more humane method is readily available.

Remember also most of these animals haven't been given a chance at a home with real love the least we can do for them is give them a pat on the head and a humane injection to end their lives. It may be the only affection they ever receive. If animal control staff cares a bit about these animals then where is the humanity. It's a good thing people don't always get what we deserve because we would pay dearly for what we have and continue to do to our animals.

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