Stop Industrial Parks/ Developing of Warehouses in Jackson County Georgia

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As a concerned citizen living inside Jackson County,

We hereby request that this Annexation and Rezoning be denied as it could potentially dramatically decrease our property value, Water pollution to Mulberry River, damage properties connecting to land, Land in Hoschton City connected is zoned for Agricultural land, increased runoff water could damage adjacent properties, harm to wildlife. These are just a few reasons that could cause damage to the just the land.

This project will be invading a residential area with an Industrial/Warehouses. The developers will build sell and never look back on the destruction they have caused to our area. The residents of this area and surrounding communities will see irreparable harm to the adjacent and nearby properties in Braselton and Hoschton. The citizens of West Jackson area have said NO to any more warehouse.

Infrastructure of the area:

Fire Departments, EMS, Roads, Sewer, Water Pressure, Board band/Internet, and Tax Abatement's. Issues that need to be focused on before allowing more warehouses or large Industrial Parks to be added to this area. These problems are already causing major stress to our area.

Added concerns are a, 24/7 Light and Noise, Pollution, Rock Blasting, 24/7 Trucks beeping into bays, Truck traffic 24/7 in our area of West Jefferson Street, 53 and 124, Additional auto traffic, Crime rate increase and the worst part a possible decreased rate of families that will want to stay in the communities.  This area is not patrolled daily.

Changes to the projected plans for the zoning of the land shown in 2025 and 2040 Comprehensive Plan. We ask you stick to your plan.

Please sign the petition to show you Oppose the warehouse and the growth of warehouses in Hoschton/ Braselton, Jackson County Georgia. 

 All of Jackson County is encouraged to sign to help put a stop to the development of our County.

 In Jackson County there are 62,131 residents. I am asking for all to sign this petition as the developers have chosen to open a proposal to Jackson County Planning and Zoning Department set for September 27th 6pm at Jackson County Administration Building Auditorium. I personal ask for your help in showing Jackson County the Warehouse growth needs to stop. Coming together to push for the best for our area.