Stop Imposing Fines On Those Who Feed Birds! Establish Official Urban Feeding Areas.

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Jason Endfield
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Many people across the UK are being fined simply for feeding urban birds.

Those who take pleasure in throwing a few crumbs to the birds are being victimised and criminalised for this innocent act of compassion towards wildlife. Often the elderly and lonely are the ones who find themselves being handed a fine, something they can barely afford, merely for feeding ducks in a park or pigeons on a city street.

This is wrong. They are not criminals and should not be treated as such. 

Urban wildlife should be celebrated.

So, we should encourage local councils and authorities to establish bird feeding areas (along with licensed seed sellers) where people who love to feed pigeons, gulls and other species will be able to do so without fear of being fined or persecuted. 

Feeding birds should never have become an issue - but due to a minority of intolerant and ignorant people who complain, it unfortunately has. This is the solution and will enable those who love wildlife to continue to care and to take delight in encounters with incredible creatures - while allowing those who do not appreciate wildlife to avoid the designated areas.