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Stop Illegal Use of Shark Fins

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On May 15th, of 2011 Governor Chris Gregoire signed a bill that banned the sale, trade, or distribution of shark fins or derivative products in the state of Washington. As of today there are 14 restaurants around Washington, 11 of which are in the Seattle area, that illegally sell shark fin soup. The process of shark finning is when commercial fishing vessels catch sharks and use a hot blade to cut off the pectoral and dorsal fins of the shark. They then throw the shark back into the ocean live, where it can only live up to another week, if not dying sooner. Over 73 million sharks are killed a year due to human causes. Majority of these deaths are due to the finning industry. 145 countries in the world participate in these killings and trades. The United States has four states that have banned the distribution, sale, or trade of shark fins: California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington. So far California, Hawaii, and Oregon have actively participated in following that law; however, Washington has yet to uphold it's end of the bargain. These restaurants are breaking the law by selling this soup. 200 out of the 400 species of sharks are on the endangered species list. Another 199 have insufficient information to be able to tell if the species is in danger. You can do your part by pledging to this cause and bringing awareness to the public of the depleting number of sharks due to human killings.

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