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Stop illegal grazing of 1000s of cows inside the Maasai Mara Reserve

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Maasai Mara
It will not be long before all is lost unless something is done, and done very soon.
We are shocked and very concerned by the constantly increasing numbers of cows being illegally grazed inside the Maasai Mara Reserve. This was always intended to be a safe haven for all the wildlife to thrive, not to be victims of conflicts and over grazing that negatively affects all the animals of the reserve. We are not talking about 100s of cows, realistically it's in the 1000s being grazed nightly, and some brazen enough to graze during the day. The impact is already being seen with lions that have left their territories or simply 'vanished' with the only remaining clues left is short grass.
When the Marsh pride was poisoned after killing a cow inside the reserve, it made major headlines around the globe. How many lions have been lost that didn't make headlines? Our guess, a lot more! It doesn't take a scientist to figure out why and what's happening to the vanishing lions.
The herders are bringing the cows further and further beyond the borders of the reserve than ever before, as much as 7 miles has been reported. Regular visitors are taking notice!
1000s and 1000s of dollars are paid in gate fees, and for what? To see the beauty of the Mara coming to its ending? How long can this go on? We all know this is a complicated problem, but a decision has to made, save the Mara or graze cows. Sustaining both will never work!
We want to continue to visit the Mara for years to come but the reality is no one is going to come to see cows.
We also know it's a fact that government officials, rangers, and even a few guides own and graze cows INSIDE the reserve, which they are paid directly through gate fees to protect!
We are not implying all Maasai are to blame, there are many that love the Mara as much as we do. Most are just trying to live life and survive and we know cows are a major part of their culture. But to think there is not absolute abuse going on would be an understatement! This abuse must stop!
It would not only be a terrible loss to the entire world, but most of all to Kenya and it's people to no longer have the jewel of their country.
There is no place on earth like the Maasai Mara in Kenya!
It would be in the interest of the conservancies to help save the park as well.
We are pleading with the powers that be to save The Mara before it's too late.

We can now destroy or we can cherish-the choice is ours.

David  Attenborough

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