STOP HS2 From Destroying LS26 & LS25

STOP HS2 From Destroying LS26 & LS25

12 February 2017
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Why this petition matters

Started by SOWHAT


The viaducts and tunnels planned by HS2 Ltd, and supported by Leeds City Council, will destroy Oulton, Woodlesford, Swillington, Garforth and neighbouring areas, including Methley and Rothwell.

LS26 and parts of LS25 will be severely blighted by HS2, during construction and post construction, if the route goes ahead as proposed. Our countryside, ancient woodland, tranquillity and our homes in this unique, green belt conservation area will be decimated.

How can our area that is designated by LCC as a place of special beauty, in a protected green corridor, be subjected to such destruction yet they do nothing to protect it?

HS2 Ltd acknowledge that their plans will have a major adverse impact on our landscape.

The 2.2km viaduct running high over the Aire Valley, tunnel entrances located next to homes and businesses, two tunnels underneath Woodlesford village and tunnel exits being located adjacent to Rothwell County Park will impact LS26 to the highest possible levels.

Sign this petition to call for:

  • HS2 to re-evaluate and look at other alternatives, in collaboration with key community groups and LCC, to eliminate blight in our area and provide full and fair compensation to all those impacted by HS2
  • LCC to stand by their promise to protect our communities, instead of destroying them; HS2 cannot be at the expense of decimating LS26
  • Government to ensure HS2 identify the best alternative to ensure minimal blight to our area and provide full and fair compensation to those impacted by HS2
  • Local Councillors Karen Bruce, Stuart Golton, David Nagle, Mark Dobson, Sarah Field and Stuart McKenna to come together to support us in fighting for alternative routes and better compensation
  • Oulton & Woodlesford Neighbourhood Forum, Swillington Parish Council and Garforth Neighbourhood Forum to work with the planning authorities to ensure HS2 planning applications are fully considered and appropriate planning conditions applied to protect their communities
  • Our MP Alec Shelbrooke to do everything in his power to secure the best outcomes for LS26 and Garforth, supporting us to fight for better alternatives and full compensation, including opposing HS2 where necessary
  • All those petitioned, should HS2 fail to achieve the outcomes desired, to oppose HS2 and call on Govermnment to abandon HS2 and to provide full and fair compensation to those impacted
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Signatures: 2,726Next Goal: 5,000
Support now