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Stop Housing Discrimination based on Credit Reports

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Have you ever been in a situation where unfair or inacurate credit  reporting has affected your well being in some way or  maybe even your living situation? Maybe you have been denied a job because of your credit report  or denied an apartment  because of unfavorable information on your credit report or a low credit score, If so you are not alone. Millions of Americans are affected every year because they are judged by a report that is  driven by sometimes  old and inacurate information that has been passed through the hands of collection agencies to attorneys to credit reporting agencies who have no incentive to make sure that the information on your report is correct . Maybe you had an ex that rang up bills under your name and never paid them,  or maybe you lost your job and there was a waiting period before you were able to get back on your feet again and were temporarily unable to pay your bills while waiting for unemployment to kick in. But is it a reflection of who you really are? is it a true reflection of your character ? The short answer is probably not. However the credit reporting agencies and also landlords feel differently. Today I know at least 5 friends of mine who have run into these simmilar situations. They are good people who fell upon hard times and now have damaged credit reports due to these circumstances. I myself once was almost in this situation with myself and my child. No one would rent an apartment to me because of my credit score and no one cared that I had a child that needed a roof over her head. The credit reporting agencies held the key to myself and my daughters safety and well being and no one cared. I kept facing denied applications left and right till a friend was able to take us in and give us a place to stay for almost 2 years. Credit reporting agencies can take up to 30 days to correct a disputed item. Currently I know people who are rendered homeless due to things from the past that were reported on their credit reports . Today more and more private landlords and apartment complex agencies  are checking credit reports to make a judgement of whether or not they should rent an apartment to someone. This is unfair, however the state of Massachusettes refuses to provide public housing to these people because of income above poverty level, yet they are unable to rent anywhere in the state because they are being judged by a credit reporting agency  and because of this they are homeless. What is the alternative for people who have bad credit issues because they lost their job previously and fell upon hard times  and are barred from renting any apartment that does credit checks but have income to high to get housing because they  were lucky enough to be able to get back on their feet finacially? The answer is, none. There is no alternative other than to bounce from shelters to friends and familys houses until they are lucky enough to find someone to take them in. This is not a suitable situation for children. But the landlords and credit reporting agencies dont seem to care or  see this as problem because it doesnt affect them.  Credit reports are not a reflection of a persons ability to pay their bills or the persons character. Some people simply just fell upon temporary hard times and are being judged for 10 years or more based on that alone. negative items can stay on a persons credit report for up to 7 years and even 20 years if its a judgement.  We must take action to put an end to homlessness over credit reports or ask the State of Massachusettes to provide housing and not discriminate based on income if someone is denied a place to live because of what it says on their credit report. 

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