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This is important because the current animal cruelty and abuse laws do not protect all animals . The law has three different categories : Animals , Livestock and Non Livestock. This law makes it hard to prevent the deaths of malnourished equines because of the fact they are labeled as livestock and as long as they have hay and water nothing will be done. This is an outrage and is detrimental to the horses health.

The only way help gets to these horses is if one of them die in their herd and are seen by proper officials. All animals are living things and all deserve the same protection and should not discriminate against because they are not dog or cats. This is inhumane and should be illegal !

Letter to
Govrnor of Tennesee Governor Bill Haslam
House District 05 David Hawk
Senator - District 1 Steve Southerland
Stop The Abuse of Our Horses

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