Change Homework Policy

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Jennifer urena
2 weeks ago
As a parent, I wish I can see my children relax when they get home and talk about our day. They could participate in reading a book or educational games on the computer. All I see is frustrated, tired and overworked little people. We do not all work overtime, why should they get burned out? Not only do they have double the homework but also internet homework as well!

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Mariam Antonuse
2 weeks ago
Because I hate homework

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Aubrey Williams
2 weeks ago
homework bad. all it does is overwhelm already stressed students

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Tommy Perez
Dec 3, 2021
I tired

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Micah Moss
Nov 28, 2021
Its bullshit

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Kenny Duong
Nov 25, 2021
Homework should only be a thing in school. The moment you step off campus is now your time. Homework should be renamed to Schoolwork and whatever that is not finished in class has to be bought home.

This policy is bullshit.

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Sienna Forrester
Nov 22, 2021
I hate not having free time over the weekend and it's mentally draining

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Martina Dooley
Nov 22, 2021
I was okay with doing schoolwork in class, but at the end of the day I would be tired and just wanted to unwind and watch some television. Also I did not have a desk at home to work at so I had to try to do my homework in the kitchen but it was too noisy at times.

I despised homework as a child. It should be optional.

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Crystal Snowy
Nov 19, 2021
it is trash

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Constance Taesch
Nov 17, 2021
Homework is stressful and takes away time to sleep and relax