Stop Hiding Pay Information From Gig Workers

Stop Hiding Pay Information From Gig Workers

July 13, 2022
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Why this petition matters

DoorDash hides pay information from gig workers. 

This purposely makes it hard for Dashers to determine whether or not to take a trip. This is done to benefit DoorDash and convince drivers to take unprofitable trips. 

This is not right. Dashers should know what they will make, before taking a trip.

It goes against DoorDash’s obligations to its workers. You can’t classify workers as independent contractors but not honor the obligations that come with it. 


56% of a Dasher’s income is made from tips. Tips make the difference between a Dasher making or losing money on many trips!

DoorDash knows what the tip is on each trip. But they purposely hide this amount to convince drivers to take unprofitable trips. 

DoorDash was caught in 2019 taking tips from Dashers. This is their smarter attempt to continue doing so.

This isn’t fair to Dashers. This isn’t fair to customers who order food. 

For Dashers - this leads to unstable and unpredictable earnings, and creates a gambling mindset. And it’s just not right. 

For customers who order food - if you leave a good tip, a lot of the time the Dasher who is picking up your food does not know that you did. This leads to sub-par service for you. And means you are subsidizing unprofitable trips. 


You get a trip for 7.2 miles. You are offered $4 to complete it.

That doesn’t make any sense. But you believe that there is no way it could only be $4. 

In the past DoorDash has hidden the full amount so sometimes $4 means $8, or $12, or $17. 

You decide that it’s worth the gamble. You go to the restaurant, wait 20 minutes for the food to be ready. You drive 7.2 miles - that takes 20 minutes. And you have to drive back from far out - another 20 minutes. 

Total time spent: 60 minutes

Total gas used: 14.4 miles = 0.6 gallons = $2.75

It turns out that DoorDash hid part of the pay, the total pay is $5. 

After gas you made $2.25 in one hour.

And this doesn’t even count the depreciation on your car. 


This is not just to try and convince drivers to take unprofitable trips. DoorDash claims that it is to “make every trip worth taking”. 

What this means: there are many trips that don’t make sense for a driver to take. But DoorDash wants to accept these trips to boost their revenue. 

The problem is that they are doing this at the expense of the driver. 

If DoorDash wants to take unreasonable trips to boost their revenue, that is a business decision by them, and they should pay the cost. 

Not pass the cost on to workers by trying to trick them. 

There have been attempts to get drivers this information (including the Para app). DoorDash has gone out of their way to crush all these attempts. They have invested significant time and money to do so. This shows where they stand on this. 


New York City passed laws last year requiring food delivery apps to show 100% of the pay to drivers. 

DoorDash (and others) have complied, but only in New York. 

They are obviously able to run their business there while being honest and upfront. And the technical change to enable this has already been built. 

Gig workers in all states deserve to know what they will be paid. 

“When DoorDash tricks us into taking orders by making us think they pay more than they do, we end up losing money. Especially in the winter, when we are literally risking our lives to deliver food to people in the snow and ice, we need to know that the pay is worth the risk." - DoorDash Driver

"Every other job in this country tells people UP FRONT how much they will be compensated for their work. When you aren't transparent with your contractors, it sends a message that you are up to something suspicious and not looking out for our best interests. " - DoorDash Driver


We demand that DoorDash offers pay transparency to all gig workers across all the states. 

Stop implementing opaque policies that benefit DoorDash, at the expense of workers. 

Gig workers are in charge of their work and should have all the information needed to make the right decision for themselves. 

Thank you for joining The Drivers Rights Movement! Please share to help us build momentum and ensure transparency for all DoorDash drivers across the United States. 


The Driver's Rights Movement is a group led by Para and a collective of passionate gig workers, committed to a fairer and more equitable gig economy.


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Signatures: 73,308Next Goal: 75,000
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