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Stop HGV's overtaking on motorways

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Motorways and dual carriageways are becoming more restricted by the sheer volume in traffic. Billions of pounds are spent adding extra lanes and adding variable matrix signs which constantly change speed limits to assist. Yet, we still have problems.

Quite often, motorists are caught up in heavy congestion for which there are no immediate visible causes. This restricted flow of traffic is made even worse by Heavy Goods Vehicles which overtake each other, causing large tail backs.

These vehicles are speed restricted to drive between 50-56mph and so literally restrict the motorways to 1 lane for long periods whilst they pass each other having only a maximum of 6mph difference. 

This manouvre effectively causes a moving road block and not only increases the risks of collisions but simply chokes the motorway network. The cost to businesses in lost hours must run to millions of pounds and there is an obvious impact on the environment by vehicles being on the roads for longer.

Already in other countries, these vehicles are prohibited from overtaking and on certain A roads, they are restricted from doing so during peak periods. Example. A14 in Northamptonshire.

By prohibiting HGV's from overtaking, not only would the motorway network be eased of these moving road blocks but it would lessen the need to create extra lanes. This saving would free up funds for the urgently needed repairs to our roads.

Haulage companies would also be encouraged to all be at the same speed restriction as there would be no advantage to being able to drive faster than other lorries, therefore saving fuel costs as well lessening the impact on the environment. 

This saving in fuel costs would also mean a reduction in costs of transportation and so reduces the costs of the goods in the shops. 

By stopping HGV's from overtaking, everyone wins. The haulage industry saves costs in fuel, the environmental damage is lessened as we no longer destroy green areas by building extra lanes and we also reduce the time vehicles need to travel. 



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