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We condemn the recent spate of hate crimes against Muslims living in Sri Lanka. We are deeply concerned about the loss of lives, desecration of mosques and the destruction of homes, shops and business establishments belonging to Muslims.

We appreciate the steps taken by the Government of Sri Lanka, although belatedly, to declare a state of emergency and apprehend those responsible for instigating and committing the above crimes.

Notwithstanding these measures, extremist elements continue to cause feelings of enmity, hatred, ill-will and hostility towards the Sri Lankan Muslims in the guise of practicing Buddhism.

We demand an immediate end to hate and misinformation campaigns inciting violence against the Muslims.

The Muslims have lived in harmony with other communities and played a pivotal role in Sri Lanka’s progress.

We call upon the Government to ensure the safety and security of all communities, including, the Muslims.

We call upon the Government to ensure that no community is allowed to insist on the primacy of its religion, race or culture at the expense of racial harmony. We note that Sri Lanka has no specific legislation to achieve this purpose.

We therefore call upon the Government to enact legislation, similar to that of the Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act of Singapore, to maintain and promote religious harmony in Sri Lanka.


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