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Stop Harsh Cuts to Life-Saving Programs in Developing Nations


Even though less than 1% of the US budget is devoted to programs that help fight extreme poverty in developing countries, these poverty-fighting priorities were sharply cut by the House of Representatives.

That's right, just 1% of the federal budget goes to life-saving programs in the developing world. Yet poll after poll shows that most Americans think this percentage is much higher.

Right now the Senate is seriously weighing significant cuts to these programs that make up such a small percent of our federal budget.

We’ve got to tell the Senate to preserve this funding. Cuts to these programs will have a real, immediate, and devastating impact on millions of the world’s poor.

Take action and contact your senators right now and let them know the cuts they're considering will not solve America's fiscal crisis, and they will cost lives.

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U.S. Senate
Please do not cut cost-effective, proven programs that fight HIV/AIDS, hunger and preventable disease in this year's budget. These programs—which make up less than 1% of the budget—save millions of lives, strengthen our national security, and help lift people out of poverty for the long-term.


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