Stop Greyhound Racing!

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Why do I care? Well, I never actually knew about the severity of Greyhound racing until I was given an assignment to do.  I couldn't believe the facts I was reading and the cruelty of this world!  As the name suggests the animals involved are Greyhounds. These animals are being treated in the cruellest ways possible. But there are also some animals behind the scenes that are also being cruelly treated for nothing they have done. Piglets, Possoms, Kittens, Rabbits you name it are being used as we speak as live bait! Taken from their mothers, tied up, forcefully to a pole that will then spin around the track to then before their very eyes, be torn to bits by the Greyhounds!  Some countries/states have put a ban on Greyhound racing in their area but some parts of the world continue with it and I just find this disappointing.  Why do we have to find entertainment in something so wrong and cruel? Is there nothing else we can entertain ourselves with apart from the harm and pain of other innocent living things?

I am a huge animal lover and I care about these things so much! I can't stand animals in pain! So please, help us stop this cruel treatment to innocent baby animals.

They are not machines!                                                                                          Their lives are in our hands!                                                                                        Speak up and be heard!                                                                                              It's about time!

Thank you,                                                                                                                     -Sofia