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For far too long Big Green groups like the National Wildlife Federation, Conservation International, Environmental Defense and many others have allowed their financial and political relationships with Corporate America to compromise their positions on the biggest ecological crisis in history. These groups, ostensibly fighting on our behalf, have chosen to ally themselves with the very corporations that we must stop to avert catastrophic climate chaos.

Letter to
President- Environmental Defense Fred Krupp
CEO- Conservation International Peter Seligmann
President- National Wildlife Federation Larry Schweiger
and 1 other
Natural Resources Defense Council Frances Beinecke
As a person who values our environment and believes in conservation, I am writing to demand that your organization stops taking money from corporate polluters or engaging in partnerships with major corporate polluters.

As highlighted in Johann Hari's article, "The Wrong Kind of Green" (The Nation, 3/4/10,, taking money directly from corporate polluters and/or forming corporate partnerships with corporate polluters makes it impossible to trust that you are holding these companies to the highest standards. We need to be putting these corporation's feet to the fire, and demanding that they stop polluting our air and water, not lauding them for small changes they may or may not make.

We are in the midst of an urgent ecological crisis. This is the time to be strong and stand up to the corporate polluters- not to take their cash and congratulate them. Please be a leader and help re-inspire the environmental movement: stop taking cash from or forming partnerships with corporate polluters.

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